I haven’t been as active blogging for the last few years as my activities have been undergoing a bit of a shift. I spent a number of years focusing on leadership as a major opportunity for improvement, particularly in technology firms that are transitioning from startup to scaleup.

I’ve had the opportunity of doing research at the University of Toronto with the Impact Centre for the last several years and that research has really widened the scope of the work I’m doing. This research has identified that the three main opportunities for improvement that aspiring technology forms have are:

  • Improving product/market fit to ensure that there is a big enough potential for growth.
  • Raising enough capital to support that growth.
  • Adapting to leadership challenges that result from growth.

While I’ll still be blogging on leadership, I intend to spend more time in the future blogging about marketing and finance as well. In addition I’ve changed the website to reflect the change in focus:

  • The name has been changed from Material Minds to Scaleup OS to reflect the emphasis on the issues faced by scaling technology businesses.
  • A whole new section that focuses on research on this and other issues has been added –Scaleup Research
  • The section on Best Practices has been changed to better align with the issues faced by scaling firms.
  • I will be bringing more people into the development of the site over time to expand its potential.

Thanks for continuing to receive these random musings and given the change in emphasis I would totally understand your desire to discontinue receiving them. If not, I think you’ll find me blogging more often once again on issues that matter as technology firms transition from startup to scaleup.