Part Time CFO

When you’re transitioning from startup to scaleup, you don’t need a full time CFO. But a part time one is essential to bring a financial perspective to strategy, operations and growth. The work we do centres around figuring out market potential and the capital required to address that market, forecasting results, preparing business plans, raising funds, capital allocation and managing an ongoing relationship with funders, metrics, reporting, and analysis. 


The core of any CFO role is financial accounting, risk management and reporting. You’ll need to put in place the processes and reports that will enable you to manage an ongoing relationship with your investor. You’ll also need to develop a set of metrics that will loop back and enable you to monitor your financial strategy and change it over time.

Market Assessment

The potential for your firm is heavily influenced by the market you have chosen to serve. Is it a rising tide that will float all boats? Are potential customers actively seeking solutions? Are they willing to pay enough for your solution to make your business viable. These are complex questions, the answers to which will mean a good or bad market fit, the first requirement for a business that can scale.

Financial Strategy

Developing a financial strategy is an ongoing process that connects what is happening in your market to where you want to go as a firm. It is understanding your personal objectives as an entrepreneur and making sure that these are aligned with the market you are in and the objectives of potential investors.

Business Plan

Your business plan is a fluid document and for the purposes of raising capital, it must be first and foremost, a document that appeals to the needs of investors but that accurately reflects the potential for your business.


Preparing a financial forecast is an art and a science. It is something that must appeal to an investor and at the same time show an understanding of the potential economics of the business. It must acknowledge the realities of hyper growth through the acquisition of sufficient capital to fuel that growth and the effective allocation of that capital to achieve your objectives.

Raising Capital

Investors want to see you, the entrepreneur as the focal point in any fund raising activity. They don’t want you to be represented by an agent so it is essential that you be the contact with potential investors. At the same time, you can’t spend all of your time managing the process and that is where someone can assist in doing the heavy lifting.