Scaleup Advisory

Many technology entrepreneurs who want to create world class companies are challenged to drive growth consistently. In our research we have attempted to discover why some companies are able to connect with markets, raise sufficient funds, and develop world class team and others are challenged. In order to address the challenges entrepreneurs face, we work with them to help them develop marketing and financial strategies, raise funds and build a team. 


Financial Strategy and Fundraising

Developing a financial strategy starts with understanding the business objectives and evaluating the role that capital has to play in that strategy. This is followed by figuring out market potential and the capital required to address that market, forecasting results, determining capital allocation and developing the metrics that can be used to monitor results.

We help entrepreneurs figure out the financial side of their strategy, acting as a sounding board and a resource to the management team. Sometimes that even involves helping them raise capital. Raising capital is often a long and arduous process for entrepreneurs, one that takes attention away from developing products and customers. While every tech CEO must be front and centre in that process, it is often better to bring in someone to assist with the heavy lifting of business plan preparation, pitch deck creation, process management and legals.

Part Time CFO

When you’re transitioning from startup to scaleup, you don’t need a full time CFO. But a part time one is essential to bring a financial perspective to strategy, operations and growth. We often work within companies as a part time CFO until such time as they need a full time one.

Speaking and Workshops

Through speaking and workshops we are trying to help entrepreneurs learn to think in new ways about how they are commercializing the technology they are developing. We are trying to challenge them to think big when it comes to raising funds, focus more on sales and marketing, and take a leadership position in their sector.

These talks and workshops change slightly every time they are given, mainly as a result of the research we’re doing. But they essentially revolve around best practices in technology commercialization and how an entrepreneurial firm can make the transition from startup to scaleup.