Q3 Research

Q3 Research is exploring an idea. It’s the idea that we have only begun to explore our opportunity for building a vibrant innovation economy. We have done an excellent job building a burgeoning startup community. Our challenge is to figure out how to help those companies transition successfully from startup to scaleup and eventually to world class size.

This site brings together a group of experienced entrepreneurs, executives, researchers  and experts who are contributing to  helping technology entrepreneurs transition from startup to scaleup. Each of us brings a unique perspective on our challenges and possible solutions. We believe in evidence based management and consequently support an active research program to better understand what it takes to grow world-class companies.

As individuals we work with companies on a full-time or part-time basis. We focus on helping entrepreneurs improve their market potential, raise capital and build leadership skills.

Charles Plant

Senior Fellow – The Impact Centre

Paul Engels

VP Marketing and Sales – Authentic Web

Yalda Mehran

Impact Centre – University of Toronto

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Charles Plant
cplant (at) imc.utoronto.ca

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